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    South Afican Cycads

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About the App

Use the app for all of these great features

Easy ID

Identify cycad species that are indigenous to South Africa by following an easy to use, step-by-step ID key.
Make use of the illustrated terminology along the way.

Price info - based on plant size

Get the value of all indigenous cycad species to South Africa. Listed based on plant size.
The most common sub forms are also included in the price list.

Quality photos - including cones of both genders

View high resolution images, of plants and cones, of all the indigenous species.
Including E. brevifoliolatus and E. relictus!
With special focus on identifying features.
They can even be zoomed!

Conservation status and growing conditions

Have the IUCN Red List status of all indigenous cycad species to South Africa right by your side.
Plus, see the optimal growing conditions for each.

List and sort

Or simply scroll through a list of all the indigenous species to South Africa, sorted by either name, IUCN Red List status, or price. View general appearance pictures of the plants, cones, and/or characteristic features.


Cycad list, sorted by either:
Name, IUCN class, or Price

General appearance of the different species

Beautiful pictures, that are zoomable!

Like this - ZOOMED!

Description of cones, including pollen shedding and disintegration times

... and, sometimes multiple, cone pictures of both genders per species

Detailed photos of the most prominent characteristics per species

...including the rarest of them all: E. relictus and E. brevifoliolatus

View prices based on plant size!
Including prices for most of the sub forms

Use the Easy ID key to aid in the identification of cycads that are indigenous to South Africa

Identify cycad species by drilling down into the step-by-step ID guide

Illustrated terminology descriptions aid with the identification process

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